Thanks, And An Update On The Status Of The Velvet Revolution Project

We appreciate the many links, comments, and new readers this site has gained in its twelve days of existence. It seems unfair to single out individuals, but we would like to thank Stacy McCain, Michelle Malkin, Patterico, and Instapundit in particular for driving a throng of traffic to this site, and more importantly, for links that weight Google’s (and Yahoo’s, and Bing’s, and Ask Jeeves’, etc.) rankings for the term “Velvet Revolution”.  We’ve gotten more traffic from Twitter, by far, than any of the sites named.

This is what we’ve been able to accomplish so far, as shown by a search inquiry from a Google server located somewhere in North America.

As you can see, Kimberlin’s “Velveeta Revolution” (as a wag at Stacy McCain’s site called it) occupies the coveted second and third places on a Google search for Velvet Revolution. This site is in eighth place, and gaining, thanks to you.

By far, our most popular post to date is “Brett Kimberlin and the Justice of Google” where we set forth this project’s goals of knocking felon Brett Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution (with which this site is in no way affiliated and by which this site is not endorsed) into search engine purgatory, replacing it with a site that honors the true spirit of the anti-Communist Velvet Revolutions of 1989 while documenting Brett Kimberlin’s many crimes and abuses of the legal system.

Our next most popular post to date is “The Aaron Worthing Case Has Been Dismissed!”, a weak attempt at satire.

You people don’t seem to have much interest so far in our musings on non-Kimberlin matters, but we hope to change that.

This bar graph depicts the site’s traffic from its first post, on June 6, 2012, to a couple of hours ago:

There actually was traffic, from God knows where, between June 6 and June 10, 2012. You simply cannot see it on the graph, due to the deluge of June 14.

Our first “spam” comment, for what it is worth, was received on June 9, 2012. Since then, we have received many more, along with quite a few nasty comments by supporters of Kimberlin, comments which were neither sufficiently alarming nor amusing to highlight in a front page post.

Where do we go from here?

From here it’s a long slog.

In order to succeed, we, the authors of Velvet Revolution (not affiliated with VelvetRevolution.US, Inc.), have to work. We have to write a series of interesting posts that inform, amuse, or entertain a number of readers sufficient to spread our message, that Brett Kimberlin is an arch-criminal who has hijacked the ideals of the true Velvet Revolutions of 1989, far and wide.

But you can help. As stated earlier, any link to this site, on any web page indexed by Google, any blog, or Twitter, or Facebook, or Tumblr, or on  新浪微博 assuming the censors let it through, increases this site’s Page rank, thus increasing the odds that anyone searching for information on the term “Velvet Revolution” will come to this site, rather than that of a convicted perjurer. (We assure you that none of us has ever been convicted of perjury.)

Of those, blogs are our primary target. We deeply appreciate links from weblogs, which tend to be frequently updated, draw more than a few eyeballs, and have permanent blogrolls. If you have a blog, have you considered adding this site, the original Velvet Revolution, to your blogroll? It costs only a few pixels and a few seconds of your time. Of course any site will do: If you’re the chairman of Pepsi, or the Dave behind, a link from your website to this site brings us closer to our goal.

At the same time, we are not offering to trade blogroll positions with you. This may seem unfair, and in fact it is unfair, but it’s part of the challenge we set ourselves when beginning this site. Websites linked on our blogroll will remain limited to those which, in our judgment, have covered the Kimberlin story fairly and well, or those which promote human rights, freedom, and individual liberty in a manner we judge effective. If you believe we’re missing something, please let us know.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Thanks, And An Update On The Status Of The Velvet Revolution Project

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  3. I lived at 30th. & Moller Rd. In Speedway Indiana during Brett’s bombings. It wasn’t a pleasant time. NO one was sure who, what or when something like that could happen anywhere. Finally he was caught, tried and convicted. When I first saw that name again, It began to ring a few bells. Yes, The selling of Dope to Dan Quayle was a laugh, but Democrats ate that up. Could you do an expose on how a man sentenced to over 200 years in Prison, can be walking the streets again today and being funded by free money from the gov. a detailed summary of everyone involved in this. Light needs to shine on slime. One can never forget the man who lost a leg from those bombings and took his own life because of them. And the family left behind. This part of that terrorist’s life seems to be passed over to quickly.

  4. Question…If I run a Google search for “Velvet Revolution” and then click on the resulting link to your page(s) does that affect your traffic numbers or move you up in any way? Many of us don’t have blogs but we can do something like this if it makes a difference.

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