13 thoughts on “The Aaron Worthing Case Has Been Dismissed!

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  3. So I guess this means Brett Kimberlin’s next lawsuit is against You Tube. Good luck with that, Brett. A legion of bloggers are downloading this as we speak to repost it every time you force You Tube to pull it down.

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  5. Brilliant. Humor & satire are two terrific weapons against totalitarians. I’ve always thought Lubitsch’s “To Be or Not to Be,” released at the eve on the US’s joining the war, the best example of this approach.

  6. Mmmm… mmm… mmm….

    (I can’t speak because I am presently gagged.)

    Actually just wanted to say I laughed very hard at this, even at parts that shouldn’t be very funny to me. So did the wife. And I figure there is a 50-50 chance that this will make the authors feel particularly good to read that. Laughter can be useful.

    (btw, you guys need a preview button–constructive criticism.)

    • We debated on whether to include such a feature when this blog was in the planning stages.

      We decided against it because we feel that defects from the first draft of a comment often reveal more than the comment itself.

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